November 4th, 2010

The Gerold Group of RBC Wealth Management of Chevy Chase, Maryland, hosted it's second annual 'Thank You' dinner for their clients. Hosted and organized by John Gerold, Curtis McKay, Natalie Andreoletti, and Campbell M. Wright. They invited Helen Frederick (Professor & Director of Printmaking at GMU University) to present artwork by students and faculty. Also invited was photographer Robin Kent, presenting several of his beautiful photographs along with his book "Washington, D. C. - A Photographer's View".

It was a fun evening with good food, a gracious bartender, wonderful hosts, and very warm and friendly guests. My personal impression of the RBC Wealth Management Group is that they are genuine, down- to-earth, responsible folks who truly care about people.

My thanks to Helen Frederick for the invitation to participate and to the RBC Group for hosting this event.

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